Visual Arts

In 2008 this new section was added to the festival lineup. Holly Friesen was instrumental in its design. The first trophies were for the Adult entrants.

The People’s Choice went to Barry Kraynyk (2009), Josie Christensen and Ellie Sawatzky (2010), Shannon Stack (2011), Alix Burkart (2012), Jana-Rae Illman (2013), Laurie Dufresne (2014), Lee Ann Hawkins (2015 and 2017), Andrew Hoffmeister (2016), Eric Matheson (2018) and Betty Wickman (2019).

The Adjudicator’s Choice went to Geri Beveridge (2013), Irene McCuaig (2014), Shannon Stack-Lucas (2015), Eleanor MacDonell (2016), Susan Bulman (2017), Joel McGrath (2018) and Bill McFarlane (2019).

In 2014 it was decided to offer separate trophies to the Young Adults (grades 11 and 12).

The People’s Choice was won by Breanne Delorme (2014 and 2015), Gabrielle Delorme (2016), Alyama Janduman (2017), Adam Nolan Graham and Clarenze Ceria (2018) and in 2019, Elise Hummelbrunner.

The Adjudicator’s Choice went to Remy Crandall (2014), Bradley Gamboa (2015), Josee McDonald (2016), Elise Hummelbrunner (2017),Adam Nolan Graham (2018), and in 2019, Elizabeth Zollino.

Three Emerging Artist Scholarships, sponsored by individual artists and a local artist group, and chosen by the adjudicator were awarded annually.