The local branch of Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association was instrumental in restarting the festival in 1952. In 1955, to encourage excellence in piano studies, a trophy was donated to award individuals performing pieces at the grade 8 RCM level. It has been won 63 times.*

The J.J.H.McLean Trophy was donated by the Winnipeg company in 1956 for individuals performing at the grade 9 RCM level. There were 54 winners.* In 2015, the company closed and the trophy was offered to the festival to rename as the Ruth Girard Trophy. Ruth Girard was well known as a music teacher, local performer and festival committee member. Lydia Dunk was the first recipient of this award in 2018.

The Lucia Melnick Trophy was donated in 2007 by the KDFA to honour Lucia Melnick, a woman who was active in Kenora’s music scene for over sixty years. She was a member of the festival committee for decades and served as president for several terms. This trophy was offered to individuals performing pieces at the grade 7 RCM level. It has been awarded 11 times – Clarissa Kuepfer (2008), Theresa Sawkins (2009), Jason Bowes (2010), Holly Shodin and Casey Bigelow (2011), Hailey Gilmour (2012), Nicole Kuepfer (2013), David Marshall (2014), Hannah Prouty (2015), Matthew Favreau (2016), and Sarah Favreau (2018).

The Rose Bowl in Piano is available to individuals performing at the grade 10 RCM level. The number of piano recipients is unclear as the records sometime mention “instrumental” which may be “piano” or another instrument.*

* The winners of these trophies are listed in the Appendix.